Terms & Conditions

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Standard Terms & Conditions

The Well Foundation (pty) ltd. trading as Vizuri, further referred to as Vizuri or myvizuri.co

The following Terms and Conditions of use apply to the specific website found at www.myvizuri.co and all associated Vizuri websites, its subsidiaries and affiliates. By using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions. Should you not agree please refrain from using the website.

What you can expect from Vizuri

We at Vizuri are highly passionate about delivering high quality products with excellent service. Our materials are sourced responsibly and we guarantee that any materials used by us or partners associated with us are morally and ethically acquired. Quality warranty at Vizuri we do serious quality control to ensure the highest of standards. In the highly unlikely event that you receive your Vizuri product with damages or loose stones etc, a 7 day quality warranty enables you to contact us and report the issues involving the item. The 7 day period starts from the day of delivery. Returns and refunds in cases where an item should be returned to us, it is the responsibility of the client to either ship the item back to us or deliver it personally. Vizuri will not be held liable for the return shipping costs unless an error has been enforced from our side. All complaints should be accompanied by photo evidence and emailed to hello@vizuri.co these cases will be examined and thereafter communication will be held with the client on further proceedings. In particular cases were refunds will not be granted:

– Damages as a result of heavy wear and tear.

– Misinterpretation of 3D Renderings and technical drawings.

-Ring size that is incorrect due to the incorrect size given by the client. (An investigation will be held to determine where miscommunication occurred). In particular cases were refunds will be granted: Incorrect design or size manufactured by Vizuri (An investigation will be held to determine where miscommunication occurred). Please note: Vizuri has the last and final say regarding all returns and refunds. Pricing on Online productsAll prices on the website are estimated values. The pricing of your unique creation is determined by variants such as:

– Ring size- Additional add-ons and customization

– Exchange rate of the specific day of quotation.

We are not VAT registered, and no VAT is charged.


Quote prices are valid for a duration of 7 days.

Cancellation of Order

The client has 3 working days after the deposit amount has been paid to cancel their order, after the 3 days the order will be completed in full with no refunds or discounts provided. Images and online content image proportions and colours may vary as every laptop/PC/Tablet/Phone screen

is different in size and how it translates these colours and proportions.

Entire Website and its contents

The Vizuri website and all content thereof including, without limitation, the Vizuri logo(s), all designs, text, graphics, pictures, images, selection, coordination, “look and feel”, information, data, software, copy, content, other files and selection and arrangement thereof (Collectively, the “Website Materials”) are the proprietary property of Vizuri and are protected by copyright laws, and various intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.Manufacturing time of your product(s) at Vizuri we specialize in handcrafted jewellery. Due to this fact our time to manufacture any specific item will take a duration of 10-15 working days. Should you require an item in less than the minimum specified time a surcharge of R2,000.00 will be added to the total.

Delivery of your product(s)

We have chosen a reliable courier company to deliver your product straight to you. We however cannot be held responsible for damage that occurred to the package while in transit, our team takes great care in packaging your product and ensuring to the best of our ability that your product will not be damaged while being delivered to you. The estimated time of delivery can take up to 3 working days (depending on your location), this has not been calculated in our manufacturing time (see Manufacturing time of your product(s)). Please take this into account when planning special events. Furthermore Vizuri will not be responsible for delivering your product(s) to you. Collecting of your product(s) Clients are welcome to personally pick up their products or have someone pick it up on their behalf. Because we work in high value surroundings, the safety of our employees is vital to us. Therefore an arrangement of time and place will be given to the client where they will meet with a Vizuri representative to hand over the product(s) in a safe and public environment.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy sets out how we use and protect the information that you give us when you use www.vizuri.co We ensure that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide information when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. We reserve the right to update or change this policy at any given time. We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. We may use your personal information to send you promotional information. You may request details of personal information which we hold about you. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please email us.

Ambassador Terms and Conditions

  1. You will be assigned with a unique promo code that only applies to you.
  2. Only sales made with your unique code will earn you your commission. It is crucial that the potential client fills in the code on the website form when requesting a quote, if the potential client does not fill in your code and the sale goes through, you will not receive your commission.
  3. Your commission will be paid out per sale once the full amount of the ring has been paid. Should the client choose to pay off the ring over (x) amount of months, you will only receive your commission once this period is finished and the ring has been paid off by the client.
  4. Please see guidelines for the commission scale on the ambassadors website. The directors at Vizuri will have the final say regarding promotions and demotions of your percentage of commission earned. At any given time the commission’s scale can be adjusted by the directors at Vizuri without prior notice, a newsletter will be emailed to notify you of any changes made by the directors. It is the decision of the directors to dismiss any ambassador at any time, should there be sales made with your code after the date of your dismissal, you will not receive the commission for the sale. A formal letter will be mailed to you regarding the dismissal.
  5. It is your responsibility to promote the Vizuri website and Vizuri products. Vizuri will not contribute any funds for social media promotions made by ambassadors.
  6. No commissions will be paid out to ambassadors for quotations that have not gone through. Upon request Vizuri will send a report of the amount of quotations requested by your unique promo code to your email. All commissions will be paid via EFT.
  7. Vizuri has the right to post, share, re-share any of you Vizuri related content posted on any social media platform.




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