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Born from a Star

The moissanite gem has come a long way since its discovery in 1890’s, since being discovered by a french scientist named Dr. Henri Moissan. It has taken over 100 years for the gem to have its time in the spotlight of the jewellery market. Now the moissanite is shining brighter than ever in a generation that is conscious about the environment, politics, and the well being of others. Since the original mineral, which is only found in meteorites, is so scarce on earth, and the brilliance of moissanite too beautiful to allow to die out, scientists have come together with the help of advanced technology to lab-grow these flawless gemstones.

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With a MoHS hardness level of 9.25, just short of the 10 score of the naturally mined diamond, moissanite has no problem maintaining it’s immaculate scratch free facets for endless years. Along with this the refractive index is on average 10% higher than that of its competitors and dispersion more than double of mined minerals – resulting in the gem having a more bright and colourful sparkle. Due to it’s silicon carbide-chemical-composition moissanites are resistant to accumulating dirt and oils which cause most gemstones to loose their shine after a couple years. If the brilliance and outstanding characteristics of a moissanite wasn’t enough to put its competitors to shame, the price tag will. In an age where people are seeking to take their money further and sustain the futures of themselves and their families – a moissanite is the perfect choice for you, with technological advancements this gem has become budget friendly without compromising on it’s reputation. At Vizuri we aim to use resources that do not cause harm to the earth or its people, we encourage using lab-grown gems as this is a small part we get to play in sustaining the earth’s resources and ensuring that gems are manufactured honestly and ethically.

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